Light Weight Fuel Hose
Light Weight Fuel Hose

Light Weight Fuel Hose

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This is a fuel specific hose is designed to handle modern fuels and high fuel system pressures. Hose incorporates a synthetic Flourelastomer liner making it compatible with racing fuels as well as ethanol based fuels (E85 and higher percentages) and, diesel/bio-diesel. An incorporated liner protects against hose deterioration that leads to fuel permeation (gas smell) and prevents the hose from drying out an hardening. The hose is finished in an attractive black nylon braid with gray trace.

  • Certified for use with E-85, diesel, bio-diesel, ethanol and alcohol based-fuels
  • Recommended for use in fuel-injection applications
  • 4 ply light weight construction with a thin inner wall synthetic (Flourelastomer) liner that protects against hose swelling and deformation at high temperatures.
  • No more sour gas bleeding brittleness and premature degradation. Hose was developed and SAE tested to eliminate high levels of fuel permeation under extended and extreme conditions.
  • 40% lighter than stainless braided racing hose.
  • Hose is reinforced with a lightweight stainless steel braid for use in vacuum applications.
  • Exceeded all SAE-30R9 tests for superior pressure tests, strength and support stability.
  • AN compression style reusable fittings recommended. Not to be used with AN cutter style reusable fittings. Hose should not be submerged in fuel or used inside fuel tanks

Construction: smooth bore lightweight synthetic rubber interior with fluorocarbon based liner, single stainless braid reinforced, black nylon woven exterior w/blue trace.

Application: For gasoline, diesel fuel, bio diesel, E85 and other ethanol based fuels Suitable for most "taper" type hose ends.

Operating Temperature Range: -30 f to +300 f (-35 c to +150 c).